About Us

Tripp Contracting  – a commercial general contractor serving Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia for over 25 years – specializing in tenant interiors, building interior renovations, medical offices, food service and retail build-outs.

Tripp Contracting holds licenses in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia.  We offer full construction management services, including pre-construction development, initial value engineering, coordination and administration of subcontracts, financial management of change orders and project budgets, project completion and closeout documentation. At Tripp Contracting, LLC, we strive to develop and maintain the critical relationships between all the team players on each project, from the smallest vendors and subcontractors to the architects, engineers and owners.  We believe the client’s goals for the project should direct and drive the energies of the team and we consistently work toward this objective.

Initial Value Engineering

Tripp Contracting provides a full range of construction services from the onset of the project.  We work with the project team to provide initial budgeting and scheduling along with analysis of permit procurement.  In addition, we are available to review the initial schematic drawings and specifications developed by the architect and makes recommendations to achieve dollar and schedule benefits.

Project Management and Supervision

The project manager is responsible for the entire project — writing all subcontracts, reviewing submittals and schedules, tracking materials and job costs and serving as general liaison between members of the project team.

Tripp Contracting maintains full-time supervision to coordinate and inspect the activities of its own forces and that of the subcontractors on the project.  The project superintendent is on the jobsite to ensure on-time completion and owner/tenant satisfaction.

At Tripp Contracting, we believe that senior management should be involved in all aspects of the project.  Therefore, the principals frequently visit the jobsite to help maintain focus.

Subcontractors, Bidding and Awards

In order to assure that maximum values are obtained from our client’s investment, Tripp Contracting solicits competitive pricing from all subcontracted trades.  We assemble a pre-selected list of subcontractors including those requested by the owner or architect.  Upon receipt of subcontractor pricing, each proposal is analyzed to ensure compliance with the contract documents and that all scheduling and manpower requirements can be met.  All information is reviewed by the project team and final subcontractor selections are made.

Tripp Contracting is a proactive full-service organization.  With an eye toward cost-effectiveness and efficiency, we regularly perform specific tasks using our own qualified labor force — demolition, carpentry, drywall, acoustical ceilings and doors and frames.


The project manager prepares a schedule to assure that selected materials, subcontractors and manpower are available at the appropriate times to meet project requirements.  This process ensures that the project will flow in an organized and timely manner.  At this point we identify any long-lead items and recommend early procurement of these critical components.  As necessary, we advise clients of the suitability and availability of alternate construction methods or materials.

At the jobsite, the superintendent is responsible for coordinating and scheduling all subcontractors, material deliveries and labor to guarantee proper sequence of construction and schedule adherence.  Further, the superintendent is responsible for assuring that all milestone items are completed on time and adjusting schedules to recover days as necessary.

Progress Meetings

Tripp Contracting controls and coordinates each project by conducting owner/architect/contractor meetings to assure continuity throughout the course of construction.  Held weekly, or as the project dictates, these meetings keep the team informed and maintain open lines of communication.  Typically, the meeting agenda includes monitoring the schedule, coordinating changes, providing trade information, and reviewing the previous week’s meeting minutes to ensure everyone is current.

Accounting and Cost Control

Tripp Contracting maintains a computerized job cost and accounting system capable of compiling reports as needed or requested.  Project costs versus actuals are reviewed weekly to be certain the project continues within budget.

Punchlist and Inspections

Prior to the completion of the project, Tripp Contracting, with input from the owner and architect, inspects the work and directs the punchlist activities to guarantee the work meets or exceeds the requirements of the contract documents.  We test all electrical and mechanical systems to ensure they operate as specified.